Arts Vanity Issue: 13 Column Suggestions for Spring 2016

1. An investigation into the intersection of food politics and disaster movies

2. Reviews of reviews of hair products on Amazon as short-form creative nonfiction pieces

3. Interviews with notorious Club Penguin trolls

4. How do changing trends in ceramics affect the mainstream film industry? An ongoing discussion

5. Close-reading of six paper marbling manuals from the 1700s


6. A series of anecdotes about your cat

7. A visual column wherein Arts board members are photoshopped to look like their alter egos

8. A biweekly diatribe in the style of YouTube comments

9. Poetic Justice: the acid trip cyber podcast

10. An analysis of five text messages from the cute boy in English class

11. A serialized work of fiction set in the future, where the Crimson has been taken over by artificial intelligence

12. An illustrated genealogy of each arts exec organized by attractiveness

13. A Choose Your Own Adventure set in the Crimson building after-hours


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