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Jillian C. Lee ’15 and Seth J. Cochran

Jillian C. Lee ’15 and Seth J. Cochran
Jillian C. Lee ’15 and Seth J. Cochran
By Elizabeth S. Auritt, Crimson Staff Writer

Concentration: Engineering Sciences

House: Adams

Hometowns: Atlanta, GA

Dating since: Ninth grade

Where you met: The eighth grade; [Seth] was the new kid. At the beginning of eighth grade we went on this field trip and he was in a canoe on this lake. And I noticed him and I was like, “Who’s that kid. He must be new. I wanna date him.”

When you got engaged: November 2013 on the Canopy Walk of the Atlanta Botanical Garden during Thanksgiving weekend.

Most memorable date: One summer at Texas A&M [University], where Seth studied, they have a library there. In the back they had a pond and it said you could go fishing in it. So we bought fishing poles and came back later that day. And we just fished for several hours in this little pond. It was great because it was so unexpected that it would be there. And we caught fish after fish after fish.

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Loving, nerdy, and determined

What your friends would say about you: People say, “Wow you guys made it long distance for all this time.” They think that we’re very photogenic. We both have good smiles.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: In our respective fields, we’re both very serious and concentrated, but when we’re together we can be really fun and laughing.

An anecdote that captures your relationship: We’re graduating and then getting married in June and then going on our honeymoon in the Riviera Maya and then moving the following week to Charleston, SC and then a month or two later he’s moving to Charleston from Texas. We just figured why not put all of these life-changing events all at once.

In 15 minutes you are: Laughing at a nerdy science joke that he just told me

In 15 years you are: Taking our kids to the park

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