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Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14

Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14

We met in high school. I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. I live about six or seven blocks from our high school, so one day he just ran from our high school to my house and rang my doorbell and asked me out.

Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams

Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams

We had been classmates in second grade and then she came back to my school in seventh grade. But during that time in between our families were close friends. We went to the same church.

Yuechen Zhao ’15 and Qianyun ‘Helen’ Shi ’15

Yuechen Zhao ’15 and Qianyun 'Helen' Shi ’15

During junior year we were both on board for Harvard China Forum, so we kind of became best friends. He was president and I was vice president, so we were just working on stuff everyday. And we went to every Lev event together.

Jillian C. Lee ’15 and Seth J. Cochran

Jillian C. Lee ’15 and Seth J. Cochran

People say, “Wow you guys made it long distance for all this time.” They think that we’re very photogenic. We both have good smiles.

Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams

Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams

Food and Drink

Yelp Reviews Suggest That Harvard Bros Need To Step Up Their Game

Harvard bros should hang their heads in shame. According to Yelp, frequenters of Harvard Square are less likely to use the term “frat” in their reviews than patrons downtown and around the Boston University campus.


The Boston Globe Would Like You To Know That Cambridge Is a Hipster Haven

A red flag went up as soon as we saw the paradoxical combination of “hipster” and “top 10” in one heading. Rather than embracing such a ranking, hipsters would eschew it as part of the mainstream, anti-intellectual dribble they so try to avoid. And isn’t the point of being a hipster not to self-identify as one?


A Divided Duty: The Role of the Resident Dean

The resident deans hold a dual role within the framework of the College, interacting with students both as academic instructors and as House-level advisers. Current and former administrators say that over the past several decades the position has evolved from a role that drew an equal balance between scholarly and administrative work into a job that entails a sometimes overwhelming list of bureaucratic duties.


The Entryway Reimagined

Changes to the spatial arrangement of the Houses may also dramatically change the way students use these spaces.


Michelle Obama

When Ilene Seidman saw a photo in the newspaper of the 2004 Democratic National Convention’s keynote speaker and his wife, she was shocked.

Student Groups

Harvard's Newest Sorority Seeks To Enter the Harvard Social Scene

With an inaugural group of 46 women, Harvard’s newest sorority Alpha Phi has sought to transition into the Harvard social scene in recent weeks.

On Campus

Make Your Move Out a Little Greener

Fitting the entirety of your material possessions into a bunch of boxes and suitcases is no easy task. So when it comes time to do away with that saggy futon that didn't sell at your senior sale or that Ethical Reasoning coursepack you've fully accepted that you will never crack open again, the trash or recycling bin may seem like the only viable home for these items. But finding a greener solution for discarding your unwanted things might not be as tough as you think.

Memorial Church

'Gangnam Style' Star Treats Harvard to Jokes, Korean Food

Speaking off the cuff to a packed crowd in Memorial Church Thursday evening, Korean pop sensation Psy remarked on how strange it was to be giving a talk at Harvard.


PSY in Tsai on Thursday!

Hey, sexy people of Harvard! Break out those dance moves we know you’ve been working on in front of the mirror for months. You could have the chance to see the man responsible for the gangnam style craze in the flesh.


As House Masters Prepare To Leave Pfoho, House Master Candidates Visit

Potential incoming House Masters Anne Harrington ’82 and John R. Durant, and their eight year old son Jamie, visited Pforzheimer House on Friday evening to engage with the students they may soon oversee.