Year in Quotes

By Crimson News Staff
"I want to really applaud and give my encouragement to the Spee to continue to be a model of leadership"
Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana, on the Spee's move to invite women to participate in its annual member selection process
As Khurana Applauds Spee Club, Some Are More Hesitant
"I wouldn't do this if I did not seriously intend to become president"
Larry Lessig, Harvard Law School professor and brief Democratic presidential candidate
Lessig 2016
"We're not doing enough to build a strong enough environment to make sure the women in this case feel they have the best long term support for their careers"
Michael D. Smith, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Decry Attrition of Tenure-Track Women
"Harvard Has Forced Our Hand"
Fox Club undergraduate leaders, in a letter to club graduates explaining their decision to go co-ed
‘Harvard Has Forced Our Hand,’ Fox Club Letter Says
"Racism exists in America and in the United States and in Harvard and in Harvard Law School"
Martha L. Minow, Dean of Harvard Law School
Police Investigate Vandalism on Portraits of Black Law Professors
"I don't think that's the place of any Harvard employee to tell students the right way to think about the Syrian refugee crisis. That's ridiculous to me"
Aaron I. Henricks '16, on the College's dissemination of controversial placemats
College-Distributed Advice on Race Discussions Divides Students
"As someone who is responsible for and co-leads one of the Houses…. I have not felt comfortable personally with the title [of House master]."
Rakesh Khurana, Dean of the College
Amidst Conversations on Race, House Masters Debate Title
"Overall, students sense that house life depends on the particular housemasters and established house traditions, which invariably leads to inconsistency across the College"
37-page report, from the College's diversity and inclusion working group
Diversity Report Calls for Wide-Ranging Reforms
"My teammates were finding me and honestly, I don't fear anyone, I want to play the game and I think they should fear me"
Zena K. Edosomwan '17 , Men's basketball forward
No. 3 Oklahoma Rallies Past Men's Basketball in Diamond Head Classic Championship
"We share the concern that introducing labor unions into this educational relationship would disrupt academic programs, administration of financial assistance, and infringe upon academic freedom"
Michael D. Smith and Xiao-Li Meng, Respective Deans of Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Harvard Files Amicus Brief Against Graduate Student Unionization
"We're all going to be facing these questions, and the case that I would make is...about the importance of sustaining our history, not erasing it"
Drew Faust, University President
In Debate Over Names, History and Race Relations Collide
"There are better ways to engage the past and its legacy in the present than by retaining a symbol that so many members of the community reject"
Report, from the committee tasked with re-considering Harvard Law School's seal
Law School Committee Recommends Seal Change
"We also heard reports of deeply misogynistic attitudes, reflected by the long-standing refusal of many [Final] Clubs to admit women as members"
Final Report, Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault
Grappling with Campus Sexual Assault, Harvard Looks to Expand Prevention Efforts
"I was looking forward to having some berries, but there was nothing for me"
Katie C. Berry '19, Student
Freshmen Jam Annenberg for Berry Study Break
"A lot of these people I financially support are those on the ideological fringe, and many of them say all sorts of outrageous things I don't necessarily agree with."
Ron K. Unz '83, outsider candidate for Harvard's Board of Overseers who donated to an organization he described as quasi-white
Overseers Candidate Donates to ‘Quasi-White Nationalist’ Group
"It's a show of weakness, I would say. It was a premature, preemptive surrender to a student demand, which didn't really come"
Harvey C. Mansfield '53, Government Professor, on the changing of the House master title
​What’s In a Name?
"All of these unrecognized single-gender social organizations are at odds with Harvard College's educational philosophy and its commitment to a diverse living and learning experience"
Rakesh Khurana, on the announcement of historic sanctions to the College's final clubs, fraternities, and sororities
In Historic Move, Harvard to Penalize Final Clubs, Greek Organizations
"I have told all of my friends in the Porcellian Club that I would prefer to just give Harvard the finger. It's easy; it's fun; it doesn't cost anything"
James M. Myers '77, graduate member of the Porcellian Club
As Social Life Changes, Harvard Alumni Are Outspoken