Adams House Opens New Party Space

Deep underneath the intersection of Bow and Plympton streets, students now have a new party space thanks to the recent opening of the "Adams House K Space."

In an email last week to Adams House students, Adams House Resident Dean Adam Muri-Rosenthal and Faculty Deans Judith S. Palfrey ’67 and Sean Palfrey ’67 announced that new space—two rooms located in the basement of F entrywaywill be available for Adams residents to use for registered parties. The K Space can hold more than 50 people and provides an alternative to hosting social gatherings in smaller dorm rooms.

The move to open K Space was driven by students and House administrators. Both Adams House Committee co-chairs, Cecilia Laguarda ’17 and Tasnim Ahmed ’17, worked closely with Muri-Rosenthal and the Palfreys on the decision to repurpose the space.

“The House administration was confident moving forward with [the decision] because we had done such a good job with it,” Ahmed said of the first event hosted in April in the K Space. “I think that’s actually something that’s great about Adams House… our House administration, above all else, is into giving the students what they want.”

According to the co-chairs, the decision to open up the K Space came in response to student demand for more inclusive social spaces on campus. Given recent campus discussions surrounding social organizations, the House administration decided to increase the availability of venues for social events within Adams House.

“I think the point of Houses is that they should be the center of social life on campus, and I think that they were the center of social life on campus not too long ago,” Laguarda said. “Now that we have randomization in the Houses… if we could make the House an actual center of your social life, think about… the diversity you would get to experience.”

The K Space is one of several open social spaces in Adams.

Last year, the House renovated the “Molotov” to accommodate student parties. House administrators saw that the space was often overbooked, and they sought to increase the number of spaces for students to host events.

“We want our students to have parties, we want them to have fun, we want them to decompress on the weekends and have a good time,” Muri-Rosenthal said. “That’s really an important aspect of living in Adams House.”