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‘3D’ Review: Jungkook Reveals His Third Dimension

4 Stars

"3D" by Jungkook and featuring Jack Harlow was released on Sept. 29.
"3D" by Jungkook and featuring Jack Harlow was released on Sept. 29. By Courtesy of Jungkook / Jack Harlow / Big Hit Music
By Maria F. Cifuentes, Crimson Staff Writer

South Korean singer Jungkook introduces fans to a new dimension of his artistic image with the release of his second solo single “3D” featuring U.S. rapper Jack Harlow. Through a catchy and upbeat hook — “I wanna see it in motion, in 3D,” — Jungkook reveals a more mature side to his music. Through the song, Jungkook exposes the all too familiar struggle of unreciprocated attraction, and expresses a need for intimacy. Listeners will resonate with the desire to be with someone entirely in the first, second, and third dimension — even if they are unattainable.

Following up on his debut solo release “Seven” which featured rapper Latto, Jungkook’s recent single reached the top spot on the Billboard Global Chart once again proving that his starpower continues even without the rest of BTS behind him. The pop R&B track takes listeners on a multiversal experience, through the sensual lyrics and early 2000s pop rhythm. The catchy tune is sure to be stuck in everyone’s heads.

From the moment the song begins, Jungkook captivates listeners with a soft whisper of “One, two, 3D.” A sudden beat breaks through the silence with a combination of a repetitive drum pulse, soft bass flow, and bright synth chords. This beat propels the song forward, maintaining an upbeat tempo that makes it an easy song to dance to. Whether it plays at a party or through headphones, listeners are sure to be on their feet and moving.

Jungkook integrates light echoes of his own voice in the background during the chorus on lines such as, “And if you’ll let me (and if you’ll let me)” and “You won’t regret me (you won’t regret me).” In doing so, he establishes a seductive mood emphasizing his infatuation with the person he loves and desperately wants. Once again, his passionate desire to connect with someone on a physical level is expressed through phrases such as, “I just wanna see you like that” and “Body to body to body to body to body.”

Throughout the song, Jungkook also expresses the frustration of not being able to get to know this person beyond the second dimension. The song further highlights Jungkook’s intense need to be near someone, through the idea that a whole universe separates them, “I can’t touch you through the phone / or kiss you through the universe / In another time zone, it’s the only time I can’t reverse.” But even then, his persistence allows him the person he desires.

Most of the song hints at Jungkook’s longing for an intimate relationship, but he may come across as forward with a sense of overeagerness behind his voice as he attempts to convince his lover to fully let him in.

While Jungkook has continued to push the maturity of his music through recent releases, the vulgarity on “3D” borders on distasteful. Jack Harlow’s verse doubles down with lines including, “I had one girl (One girl), too boring / Two girls (Two girls), that was cool for me / Three girls, damn, dude’s horny,” painting women as nothing but mere objects that fulfill male desires.

Overall, “3D” does an excellent job at unveiling a new aspect of Jungkook’s musical path and allows fans to view him differently in preparation for his upcoming debut solo album. The song is captivating from the very first verse and successfully portrays the all consuming emotions of devoting oneself to another.

—Staff Writer Maria F. Cifuentes can be reached at

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