Crimson Faceoff: In Which JP O'Connor is Still Awesome

Published by Crimson Sports Staff on October 06, 2010 at 10:11PM

Sportswriter Martin Kessler faces off against 2010 NCAA Champion J.P. O'Connor. CRIMSON FACEOFF is a new one-on-one video series.

In the second edition of Crimson Faceoff—The Back Page’s new video series that pits Crimson sportswriters against varsity athletes—the sports board's own sophomore Martin Kessler decided to take on a monumental challenge: grappling with defending NCAA champion JP O'Connor '10.

In a first-to-five format, O'Connor demonstrated his dominance on the mat. But was he able to pin Kessler with his arms taped behind his back? Check out The Crimson’s video footage to find out!

To read more about O'Connor's quest for the 2012 Olympics, check out Kessler's column here.