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The Fifteen Types of Prefrosh Facebook Posts

Nowadays, the Harvard Class of 2017 Facebook page is just about as exciting as your dorm’s email list. Intramural soccer? Boring. Lost wallet? Boring. Prime minister of Norway coming to speak? Boring. But once upon a time, the page was full of posts revealing your classmates’ delightful combination of desperation, talent, and insecurity. Now that most of us have gotten the chance to reveal these qualities to one another in person, let’s relive some of the best types of prefrosh Facebook posts.

The Nostalgics, a Motown band comprised of undergraduates performs at the Harvard-Yale Pep rally held at the Cambridge Queen's Head Pub in preparation for the Game this weekend at Yale.

Crimson Sportswriters Challenge Varsity Volleyball Players

Our neighbors at The Back Page recently completed the third installment of their Crimson Faceoff series. This time, sportswriter Martin Kessler '13 seeks the help of fellow writer B. Marjorie Gullick '13 in a two-on-two battle against varsity volleyball players Matthew C. Jones '12 and Taylor A. Docter '13.

CRIMSON FACEOFF: Volume 3, Two-on-Two Volleyball

Sportswriters Martin Kessler and B. Marjorie Gullick face off against varsity volleyball players Taylor Docter and Matthew Jones. CRIMSON FACEOFF is a new video series brought to you by The Harvard Crimson: Sports.

Crimson Faceoff: Bump, Set, Spike

Sportswriters Martin Kessler and Marjorie Gullick take on volleyball players Matt Jones and Taylor Docter in Crimson Faceoff: Vol. 3.

Crimson Faceoff: In Which JP O'Connor is Still Awesome

In the second edition of Crimson Faceoff—The Back Page’s new video series that pits Crimson sports writers against varsity athletes—the sports board's own Martin Kessler decided to take on a monumental challenge: wrestling against defending NCAA champion JP O'Connor '10.

CRIMSON FACEOFF: Volume 2, Wrestling the Champ

Sportswriter Martin Kessler faces off against 2010 NCAA Champion J.P. O'Connor. CRIMSON FACEOFF is a new one-on-one video series.

Crimson Faceoff: Kessler vs. Van Nest

In the first edition of Crimson Faceoff—The Back Page’s new video series that pits Crimson sports writers against varsity athletes—men’s basketball player Andrew Van Nest invited a Crimson sports writer to join him on the hardwood at Lavietes Pavilion.

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