Bleeding Crimson

Surprise! Harvard Goes Corporate

6 days ago

When asked what she was going to do after a little more than a decade of being the president of the nation’s oldest and arguably most renowned university, former University President Drew G. Faust was hazy. Perhaps she’d spend a year at her Cape Cod home, reading. Maybe she’d dip her feet back into her love for history and the literature that lined her steps to the presidency in the first place. Overall, she was going to take deserved (and long overdue) time for herself.

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After #bombharvard, We’re Still Here

June 30, 2018

Thankfully, Zuckerman is now facing federal charges for his threats. However—though he was the most violently vocal—he wasn’t alone in his thoughts.

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Why We Write

June 15, 2018

After reading and writing religiously for The Crimson for the past two years, I’ve struggled sometimes to remember why I wear this habit like a second skin when it often feels ill-fitted. Why do we—I—continue writing? Why do we insist on preaching the Harvard experience knowing that once the words and passion trickle from our fingertips, they are held by only a handful of eyes, are given perhaps a fleeting consideration before quickly turning to the next hot take? Why write and invite change, only to be swiftly forgotten?

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Breaking Harvard’s Liberal Echo Chamber

December 04, 2017

This isn’t only a trend along the Charles—it’s a national phenomenon. Higher education has been shown to increase liberal leanings overall. Harvard is one of many schools that champions this liberal arts education that provide the soundscape for these thoughts to reverberate, enclosing left rhetoric in the bubble as the only intellectual air to breath. Yet, the accumulation of “snowflake” ideas gives way to an avalanche effect: The more prominent and heavily liberal ideals that are expressed on campus, the more likely for more conservative views to be swallowed, suffocated in the deluge, and rendered invisible under the snow.

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In Becoming a Money-Grubber

November 20, 2017

Isn’t this what we always wanted, to come from our respective backgrounds and become successful—to make our families proud? To be worthy of the chances that have been taken on us through the admissions process and prove to the collective rest that this opportunity of a lifetime was not lost on us?

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