Jessenia N. Class

Crimson opinion writer

Jessenia N. Class

Jessenia N. Class '20 is an Editorial Chair of the 146th Guard. She studies Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology and lives in Quincy House.

Crimson opinion writer Jessenia N. Class can be reached at Follow them on Twitter @jesseniaclass.

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A Part of the Institution

Within the ivy-covered walls of our ivory tower, we cling to generations of self-imposed hierarchies and rules, governing our roles and our leadership, generating the social stratification that drives many of our actions.

Writing as Activism

The implications of thinking about writing in this way are enormous. Yes, writing can delight, it can instruct, it can entertain, it can reveal — and often do all of those at the same time. But it can also call to action.

Can Objectivity Exist at Harvard?

While sometimes the topic in question appears to lend itself to a simple judgement, too often students are quick to rush to opine without knowing all the facts.

Not Diverse Just Yet

I bought into “brochure” Harvard, and to a large degree, I still do. But to become what the University presents itself as in its advertisements, it must begin to commit to diversity with a multicultural center.

Why We Write

Here I am. Writing yet another column (hoping I don’t cringe reading it later). Throwing yet another opinion into the void like a tree falling in a forest, hoping the sound reverberates.