Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard

By James Hankins

Young Scholars Are Not the Enemies of Free Speech on Campus

The animus for much of the recent debate roiling Harvard is the claim that the liberal tilt of the academy has accelerated in recent years. This process is believed to have excluded heterodox voices and thereby restricted academic freedom of expression on college campuses.

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Higher Education Has a Viewpoint Diversity Problem. Here’s How to Respond.

In 2002, writer David Horowitz proposed an Academic Bill of Rights to ensure viewpoint diversity in U.S. higher education. The proposal was criticized for not respecting the autonomy and scholarly standards of academic disciplines, and for attempting to force change from the top down.

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Harvard Admissions Should Be More Meritocratic

Harvard admissions should be more meritocratic.

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Do You Want Your Children To Go to Harvard?

If you are a Harvard undergraduate, the question in my title might not be top of mind. In the early anthropocene, when I was in college, many people went to university with the idea that they might find somebody to marry. Back then, where your future children might go to college was something engaged college couples would discuss.

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