Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard

By James Hankins

For Our Sake and The Middle East’s, Harvard’s Protesters Should Stop Grabbing Headlines

Yesterday, in protest of the war in Gaza, dozens of student organizers began an encampment at Harvard Yard, holding protests and spending the night in tents.

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Make Harvard Happy Again

Today at Harvard, we are struggling with a culture of fear and contempt — one that has created a lot of unhappiness. But University leadership can do a great deal to change this culture and help pave the way for improvement across higher education.

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If It Rights the Ship, Harvard Can Inform a New Renaissance

As the last spasm of America’s decade-long cultural convulsion plays out at Harvard, we find ourselves at an extraordinary moment in time.

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Mandatory DEI Statements Are Ideological Pledges of Allegiance. Time to Abandon Them.

On a posting for a position as an assistant professor in international and comparative education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, applicants are required to submit a CV, a cover letter, a research statement, three letters of reference, three or more writing samples, and a statement of teaching philosophy that includes a description of their “orientation toward diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.”

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Don’t Eliminate. Improve.

Let me tell you a story. Parts of it are true.

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