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Harvard Must Oppose Corporate Immunity from COVID-19 Lawsuits

To ensure a safe campus, schools must go beyond the bare minimum – they must oppose corporate immunity.

More than Fraternity — Family

SAE has been a second family for me at Harvard, and now that sanctions are over, I hope it can continue to be a second family for many more classes of students to come.

Renaming and Retroactive Shaming

We — especially the most educated among us — must examine our past with a clear eye and an open mind, and not engage in pandering or succumb to hysteria.

Students Deserve Harvard’s Support, Not Hollow Reassurances

We demand that Harvard prioritize the critical needs of students, especially marginalized students. No more inaction disguised in meaningless buzzwords.

Harvard’s Chinese Community Must Speak Against China’s Atrocities

I call on Harvard’s Chinese community to stand in solidarity with the Uighurs. Carry the “Veritas” torches of Harvard to shed light on racial injustice and fight against the unfolding genocide in China.

What I Learned From My First Lockdown

As we rebuild our education system to suit an online world, we also have the unique opportunity to reimagine it.

What’s the Value of a Virtual Education?

We chose Harvard not just because it has the best education in the world, but also because it has the best people. It is our hope that, even remotely, every undergraduate continues to get the best of both.

Immigrant Heritage Month and the Long-Ignored Displacement Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately threatens the survival of vulnerable migrants and displaced persons, especially refugees, and the U.S. is not doing nearly enough to help.

Forget the Government. A True Civil Society Begins with Us.

Why don’t we use this moment in our history as a catalyst to build a true civil society, one that has never, could never, exist on a global level, until now?

What President Bacow Should Have Written

Admit candidly the ways Harvard has failed during its long history to promote for everyone the American dream you believe in, and the ways you intend to use your position to fix that right now.

President Bacow Should Take His Own Advice

We are calling upon President Bacow to divest from this atrocious industry and to reinvest that money in helping the Black and brown communities that Harvard’s presence and investments have systemically helped to undermine over centuries.

On the Loss of Our Mentor, Professor Alesina

As we find ourselves at the crossroads of college and “the real world,” Professor Alesina’s absence has made what should have been a new beginning feel like a standstill.

The American Dream Without Anti-Racism Is Just Another Nightmare

While I wish I could believe in the Constitution and the illustrious “American Dream,” my experiences as a Black woman are poignant reminders that such luxuries were and continue to be reserved for a select few.

Back at Harvard Seeking Truth and Justice for My Brother

My brother will continue and has already become one of the human faces of the Chinese government’s ongoing atrocities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Health Disparities Close to Home

We need to continue to come together as one medical, public health, and scientific community, not only to respond to the moment – but to pay attention to what we are learning and be ready for what comes next.

We Can Go Farther Together

As the graduating Class of 2020 leaves Harvard, they enter a world where they can make a different choice. They can choose to work together, to embrace knowledge from, and create knowledge with partners from around the world.

For the Public Interest

You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned it, and you should celebrate as much as you can in this socially distanced moment. But remember, it’s not the degree that’s special — it’s the opportunity to make the most of it.

A Letter From Harvard’s Faculty Deans to the Class of 2020

As the semester now winds down, we wish for so much for all of you: good health and safety, first and foremost, but also meaningful work, moments of joy and fun, and friendships that nurture and enlarge you.

Sounding like a Stranger

I try to rebirth and redefine our history within the contexts of my books and lectures and to find space within my people’s tradition for a remixed language that is both broken and Harvardesque.

Amid COVID-19, Protecting Harvard’s Teaching Faculty is Essential

As students from concentrations that rely on non-tenure-track faculty for instruction, we strongly urge Harvard to respond to this petition with action: extend appointments for non-tenure track faculty by at least one year.

The First Generation

We are the first to have every stage of our life upended by the powerful and modern mix of climate change, digitization, and globalization — let’s call this the connected world.

America’s Two Kinds of Justice

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia should shock our collective conscience not only for its brazenness but because it proves, yet again, that our system of justice does not work for everyone.

In Defense of a Virtual Fall

While we understand that virtual instruction is hardly comparable to in-person instruction, Harvard can and should prepare for a more equalizing online semester with stronger academic and extracurricular opportunities.

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