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The Fight Against Police Brutality Is Global

We are calling on Harvard’s police abolitionists, reformists, allies, and activists to both educate themselves so they can adjust their discourse to reflect Nigeria’s nuances and apply the same urgency for End SARS that we gave Black Lives Matter.

Harvard Alumni Have Powered the Trump Administration

Harvard’s silence on graduates as recent as 2016 using their Harvard degrees to wage a full-fledged assault on the truth is unworthy of the University’s own “Veritas” motto.

The Case Against Mandatory Preferred Gender Pronouns

PGPs are not yet ingrained enough in our culture for people to state them unprompted. Any proposed solution to this balancing act of a problem will put some portion of the trans and non-binary community in uncomfortable situations.

Why ‘Free Speech’ Is Dead On Campuses

I, and many others, will not stop using our own free speech to attempt to ensure that our humanity is never on the table again — honoring our ancestry demands that.

If Harvard Wants Culture Change on Sexual Violence, It Must Do Its Part

Time and again, our activism is unreciprocated and met with demands that we do more labor, explain further, or adjust our expectations. We know this is a distraction from the real change that needs to be made.

Watching the World Burn From My Harvard Dorm Room

When I left Oakland, the air quality was stifling; in Cambridge, there is no smoke that clouds my vision, no firestorm that keeps me constrained in visceral fear.

Why SNL Isn’t Funny Anymore

If we can laugh at the forces that divide us, we take away their power. Only from there can we proceed to remedy what ails this nation.

The Price of a $5,000 Housing Stipend

As a low-income student, the question turned into whether I wanted to bring $5,000 back home to support me and my mother or venture on campus, spending money on transportation and food costs.

Harvard’s Second-Class Alumni

Harvard University should accord its College degree holders equal status to all its other graduates by creating an alumni organization focused on them, on all of them, from recent graduates to the oldest.

Kane and Schaub: Harvard’s Instructor Problem

Harvard allowed this to happen. Harvard put these instructors in positions where they could disguise and push their own beliefs under the veil of academic pursuit.

Strangers on the Streets

Please, students in the Class of 2024, wave to anyone who seems even possibly like another Harvard freshman. (And come on, it’s not that hard to recognize us around here.)

Armenia’s Two Battles: War Amid the Pandemic

We call on the Harvard community to break the silence. We ask you to recognize the dangerous nature of international indifferences towards crimes against humanity, and ask you to not allow history to repeat itself.

"No, I Don’t Want To Hear Why You Like Charles Murray"

No, I don’t want to hear why you like Charles Murray. I really don’t. I don’t want to listen to you justify injustice or dismiss destruction. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we’ve heard enough.

When Black Women Die, White America Does Not Cry at Their Funerals

White America does not even bother to ask for forgiveness; they got so busy manipulating Breonna Taylor’s movement that they forget their obligation to produce her justice.

OCD and Suicide Risk in the Age of COVID-19

September is national suicide awareness month, so it is only fitting to raise awareness of how those with OCD are facing an epidemic within a pandemic.

No Place for Shame

In whatever approach we pursue, we should reject the impulse to draw upon shame as a weapon. Shame doesn’t just blunt growth — it’s also inherently antithetical to change.

First, Do No Harm — But in a Pandemic, How?

As we continue to move through the phased reopening of hospitals and society more broadly, and as we simultaneously prepare for a potential second wave of coronavirus this fall, we must take this time to reflect on our hospital policies.

Facing COVID-19 with Mask Up and Mind Open

Whenever strong emotions are involved — and few events have evoked as many of them for as long a time as the COVID-19 pandemic — we must progress not with judgment but with curiosity and humility.

Who’s Afraid of the Harvard Shadow Campus?

The truth is students living off-campus have all the capacity they need to make smart social distancing choices.

A Word of Caution on Virtual Communities

Virtual communities are necessary to the college experience for at least the next year, but we must think harder about their boundaries.

Harvard Needs a Class Studies Secondary

Understanding socioeconomic status, economic inequality, and capitalism are integral to understanding the very fabric of our society.

Wearing A Mask that Reveals Too Much

In a pandemic of loneliness as the safeguards of our democracy fail, my Biden mask, like the MAGA hat, reveals that I too am in a cult.

Fighting Geographic Inequality in Rural America

As long as Americans continue to disregard the study of rural areas, small towns everywhere will continue their backslide into addiction, poverty, and population decline.

Death on the Charles

Amid this massive — nearly incomprehensible — loss of human life, we must not lose our own humanity by erasing that of those who have died. We can not become numb to the sheer pain and anger that ought to be moving all of us.

The Divestment Compromise

As climate change rises to become one of the most critical public policy challenges of the modern era, there is no better way for Harvard to embrace its public service mission than by being at the forefront of developing solutions.

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