Rethinking Economics

By Maibritt Henkel and Mie L. Holm

The Corporate Balancing Act No One Can Win

For Harvard students, there’s nothing more on brand than disapproving of careers in finance or consulting. Unless you count going into a career in finance or consulting, that is.

According to The Crimson’s 2023 senior survey, over 22 percent of respondents reported that they would be working in the financial services sector, closely followed by 19.6 percent, who said they would pursue consulting. No other industry comes close to matching these post-grad recruitment numbers.

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What the Economics Department Lets You Forget

One of the first things that the over 500 students who take Economics 10: “Principles of Economics” are taught each fall is the distinction between normative and positive statements; the distinction between stating how things are and stating how things ought to be.

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