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Maibritt Henkel

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Rethinking Consumption: What We Can’t Grow Out Of

Just because the puzzle of consumption — and the complexities of balancing growth and sustainability — are difficult, it doesn’t mean economics students shouldn’t be invited to ponder, debate, and try to solve them.

Harvard’s Bubble Economy Is Not the American Economy

We applaud Harvard’s attempt to free its students from the anxieties of navigating rent, groceries, and utilities. But it is important to recognize that this approach produces a cohort of young people insulated from the economy everyone else is waking up to.

The Corporate Balancing Act No One Can Win

If we desire to create an economy where everyone can balance commitments to both family and career, we must think critically about which industries set our standards for success, prestige, and worthiness.

What the Economics Department Lets You Forget

A Harvard economics degree ought to entail a genuine reckoning with the moral stakes of the field.