By K. Oskar Schulz and Roman C. Ugarte

Realize Your Impact: Stop Stalling, Start Swinging

“What are your plans for after graduation?”

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Human Learning in the AI Age

ChatGPT can do CS50 problem sets, draft section discussion posts, and even help prepare for consulting case interviews. It also passed the bar and did better on most of its AP exams than the majority of students did — and it took all of them. Each week, it feels, comes a new achievement.

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Pandemic Dogma, Revisited

The pandemic will certainly be remembered as one of the most significant events of our lifetimes. It should also be remembered as a time when society lost its head.

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Tech Races: China’s Dual-Use Bet

Many experts have considered the United States the dominant world power since World War II, a timeframe spanning the lives of all current Harvard undergraduates.

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On Gutenberg and GPT

When we learned about the printing press, it probably went something like this: Johannes Gutenberg’s invention kickstarted an information revolution and, most directly, the pamphlet-powered Protestant Reformation, which led us out of the Dark Ages into the Enlightenment.

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