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K. Oskar Schulz

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Tech Races: China’s Dual-Use Bet

There are two tailwinds that continue to support China’s climb.  While the first tailwind — China's rapidly growing economy — is well-understood, the second tailwind is not. Technology is an equally powerful force reinforcing China’s growth, but not in the way you might expect.

On Gutenberg and GPT

We see a pattern emerge: Discomfort accompanies progress. In many ways, it is a great proxy for innovation. It is important to relearn this fact after having airbrushed the hardship and discomfort out of the history of progress. If we don’t, we risk seeing our current challenges as unique and unsurmountable.

An Antidote to Optionality

“Preserving optionality" promises the ability to press pause on your decisions while moving forward with your life. But this is a fantasy, albeit one that’s awfully seductive.