In the wake of the UC election controversy, third-place finishers Robert G. B. Long '11 and David R. Johnson '11 are ringing the bells for a "hot, sticky revolution."

In response to last week's disputed election results, mysterious resignations, and false accusations, the Long-Johnson campaign issued a statement (ostensibly borrowing heavily from the language of Thomas Jefferson) that called for "students of Harvard" to "man the [figurative] barricades!"

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“Dear revolutionaries of Harvard,” they wrote in an e-mail. “As we write to you, our democratic system is in a state of crisis. The ridiculous shenanigans of the UC Election Commission and senior leadership prove that the current system is as incompetent as it is oppressive."

The only thing, they continued, that can "cleanse the campus"  is "glorious, vigorous Long Johnson action."

"To paraphrase Jefferson, the tree of liberty from time must be refreshed with Long Johnson," they wrote.

In an interview with FlyBy, Long said, “We sent the e-mail because we want Harvard students to have their long johns on, and be prepared for anything." Especially, he added, in Harvard's dangerous political climate—which he believes has unfairly tarnished the reputation of vice-presidential candidate Eric N. Hysen ‘11.

“I think all the candidates have been honorable and respectable,” he said, “and this can’t be good for the UC’s credibility.”

But not to worry. In a suggestive clarion call (the kind we have come to expect from this campaign), their e-mail proclaimed, "it is not too late to ride Long Johnson to victory."