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‘Untitled’ Seeks Mystery

Enigma is the intrigue of “The Untitled Project,” a self-conscious play that breaks the barrier between audience and actor, and focuses on the very process of making theater. The hour-long show will run in multiple locations—ranging from the Signet Society to the Holyoke Center Gallery—from Friday to Sunday, and aims to separate itself from the typical trajectory of many of today’s plays by remaining somewhat mysterious.


The Apples in Stereo

For what the album attempts to be—a kind of 1970s throwback—it succeeds. But it lacks climax, both in specific songs and in “Travellers” as a whole.

Undergraduate Council

Long-Johnson Suggests a Revolution

In the wake of the UC election controversy, third-place finishers Robert G. B. Long '11 and David R. Johnson '11 are ringing the bells for a "hot, sticky revolution." In response to last week's disputed election results, mysterious resignations, and false accusations, the Long-Johnson campaign issued a statement (ostensibly borrowing heavily from the language of Thomas Jefferson) that called for "students of Harvard" to "man the [figurative] barricades!"

Harvard Yale Pep Rally
Student Life

Pep Rally Becomes Student-Focused

There was no celebrity headliner, but Thursday night’s trimmed down Harvard-Yale pep rally drew students to the Yard with its eclectic group of student performances.


‘Invisible’ Remains Transparent

In 1851 Gustave Courbet painted “A Burial at Ornans,” an enormous depiction of a country funeral, with cloaked townsfolk surrounding ...


Ryan Leslie

A. Ryan Leslie ’98 has a romantic streak that sets him apart from the rest of the modern R&B world—this ...


Crazy for A Revolution

The madness of the French Revolution and the madness of the everyday overlap and intertwine in “Marat/Sade,” the Harvard Radcliffe ...


‘Semele’ Takes a Modern Tone

New production of 18th century opera brings Greek myth into 1970s



They’d been born The Unicorns; they were reincarnated as Islands. Traces of their past life are scattered throughout their third