With the Christmas media circus already starting up at some stores in the Square, it might be easy to forget that fall brings its own seasonal treats to shelves and menus. Here's a little taste of the pumpkin-flavored foods that Harvard Square has to offer.

At Boloco, you can try a pumpkin pie shake. It's basically like drinking liquid pumpkin pie, which its greatest strength and its greatest drawback. Not only is this a way to get your pumpkin fix on the go, but every purchase supports prostate cancer research.

Cardullo's is a treasure trove of pumpkin flavor. Their pumpkin pie soda has a subtle spicy taste which evokes thoughts of fall rather than of high-fructose corn syrup.

Pumpkin marshmallows also offer seasonal spice with the sweet, sticky texture of a fresh bag of Stay Pufts.

If you want something other than peppermint and fruitcake for the next month and a half, the delicious and complex taste of pumpkin will get you through the season.