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'Dinner' Served Lukewarm

Simply put, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” suffers from thematic inconsistency: from the direction to the performances and even the wardrobe, the show tries and fails to make the production simultaneously a contemporary criticism of racial dynamics in America and a unique cultural product of the ’60s.

Catching Up With OK Go

OK Go has spent the past summer touring the United States and Canada in anticipation for their new album “Hungry Ghosts” set to be released this October. We had the chance to talk with bassist and vocalist Tim Nordwind about the group’s North American tour and their fourth studio album.

THUD to End Semester with a Bang

A video of the ensemble performing this piece has been uploaded to YouTube along with recordings of many of their other performances since 2009. This video currently has over 70,000 views.

Harvard Capoeiristas Battle for Arts First

Harvard Capoeira Regional bring their unique style of Brazilian martial arts to Arts First.

'the Devil's Fiddler' Burns Up the Stage

Roby Lakatos dazzled the audience at Sanders on Friday