Although sporting events, such as the upcoming football game, may epitomize the Harvard-Yale rivalry, the two schools can also compare who is scoring in another physical arena. Just as Yale decided it would no longer allow students to use Yale's name in its annual "Sex Week at Yale," Harvard is making plans for its own, similar week with the very original and fresh title of "Sex Week at Harvard College."

In the unlikely event that you are one of the students who has engaged in the horizontal mambo during your college career, or in the more likely event that you hope to one day have sex, "Sex Week at Harvard College" may be useful for you. It aims to expand student awareness of sexual health, wellness, and to facilitate conversations about sex and sexuality. Indeed, it seems that, for all the sex Harvard students are not having, they sure like to talk about it.

"Sex Week was born out of a simple idea: what happens when we embrace Harvard student interest in issues of sex and sexuality?" said co-founder of the program Samantha A. Meier '12.

Although "Sex Week at Yale" had a similar mission, after reevaluating the actual content of the events, Yale determined that the content of "Sex Week at Yale" had strayed from its original mission. In fact, Yalies complain the week has become more about porn than sexual issues, claiming about one third of the events are hosted by people involved in the adult video industry.

But before you knock Yalies for being too prudish it might do to remember that Yalies traditionally have a higher average number of sexual partners than Harvard students—2 for Yale compared to 1 for Harvard within their four years according polls conducted by their respective newspapers. Well, at least Yale is good at something.