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Ten Harvard-Affiliated Hospitals Join Great American Smokeout

Ten Harvard-affiliated hospitals have joined forces to make their facilities tobacco-free in an effort to encourage their employees and patients to quit or make a plan to quit smoking. The new policy comes as part of the American Cancer Society’s 36th annual Great American Smokeout, a yearly push to encourage America’s 45 million smokers to give up the habit.

Professors Develop Climate Model

A team of researchers including Applied Physics Professor David Keith has developed a plan to quantify and model the effects of solar radiation management (SRM)—techniques to reflect sunlight back into space.

Casimir Pulaski (By) Day

Cambridge Common doesn’t only provide locals with a space to play sports, have picnics, and inhale illicit substances (if you’re ...

Social Media Blues

Just when Harvard students were feeling deprived from social media because yet another format change to Facebook left them too confused to navigate their own newsfeeds, Color Labs launched a new Facebook application—meant to be used on smartphones—called Blue.

Fifteen Questions with Mickey Avalon

1. Fifteen Minutes: You grew up in California and have been living there for almost all of your life. Are ...