If you suddenly decide that you want to try something new during Wintersession, don't fret! It's not too late to apply to some programs. Instead of watching re-runs of Friends or eating a third batch of your mom's fudge brownies, explore some of these new and exciting activities.

1. Harvard's Yoga Retreat Week

After lounging around for a couple of weeks watching Netflix, get fit for spring semester by doing yoga. Harvard's Yoga Retreat Week runs from Jan. 16-20, and offers flexibility in times and levels. Students can choose to attend morning classes, afternoon classes, or both, and it doesn’t matter if you are new to Yoga—all levels are welcome. The program is free and applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Winter Break Week at Harvard Forest

Spend a few days exploring the Harvard Forest in Petersham, Mass. The program includes housing, a meal plan, books, supplies, and transportation to and from the forest. It takes place Jan. 15-20, and is free for Harvard students. The deadline to apply is Dec. 16.

3. Volunteer at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Over Winter Break

If you are back on campus any time during J-Term, give back to the community and sign up to volunteer at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. No previous experience is required.

4. Respectably French! Wintersession Sketch Comedy Workshop

If you like to make people laugh, join a group of Harvard students to create a video sketch during Wintersession. Respectably French! will hold a workshop to write and film new sketches. E-mail respectablyfrench@gmail.com to request an application.

5. Freshman Arts Camp

Even if you have no artistic experience, unleash your creative side and learn to pantomime, wire sculpt, perform spoken word poetry, and more. Freshman Arts Camp will run from Jan. 18-20. Apply by Jan. 6.

6. Harvard Athletics and Center for Wellness Programs

Have you ever flown through the air on a trapeze or gone snow tubing? Find your adventurous winter spirit by participating in some of the daily activities offered by Harvard Athletics.