Housing Day Videos Get Personal

The housing day videos released thus far have been fairly tame in the sense that they haven't singled out their rival Houses for ridicule. Currier and Pforzheimer, however, are stepping up their campaigns with new videos that not only claim they are the best, but that other Houses are the worst.

Currier has joined the fray with a teaser trailer for a video based on "Inception." Wait, didn't Quincy already do this? They did, but apparently Currierites think Quincyites suffer from "Quineptitude." Currier also has a tumblr featuring the teaser trailer and housing day videos from years past.

Last year, we saw Hitler rant about being put in Adams. This year, Pfoho shows us the allied side of the story by dubbing footage from "The King's Speech." In this year's video, King George VI is assigned to Leverett and displays a rather incoherent reaction.

Now that housing day is getting personal, it's only a matter of time before the other Houses attempt to assert their superiority.

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