You're in your dorm room late at night, and you're starving. You're sick of food from the Kong and Noch's, and although there are hundreds of restaurants within walking distance, the weather outside is frigid. Enter SeamlessWeb, an online service that facilitates delivery and take-out orders from nearby restaurants.

SeamlessWeb was inspired by employees at large corporations who wanted "to be able to go home and have access to 40 cuisine types, ratings, reviews … deals of the day, pictures of their food," said Ryan Scott, chief marketing officer of SeamlessWeb.

Through SeamlessWeb, users in 27 cities in the United States and the United Kingdom can find restaurants in their area, browse menus, and place orders.

"People are still ordering take-out and delivery via the phone and paper menu, and paper menus are a dreaded icon in top metropolitan areas," Scott said. "You might be missing out on a special deal and it's certainly not environmentally friendly."

SeamlessWeb, however, offers discounts for first-time orders at many restaurants and allows customers to select an "eco-friendly" option if they prefer to receive deliveries without excess plastic or napkins. The service is also available as a mobile application for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.

Whether you're ordering late-night favorites or exploring new options in the Square, SeamlessWeb aims to be "the most convenient way to get exactly what you want," Scott said. And with over 50 restaurants in the Cambridge area, you’re bound to find something you like.