Flyby's House Rankings: A Comparative History

Although we've spent the last week evaluating and ranking Harvard's 12 Houses, we wanted to take a moment to remind freshmen (and upperclassmen alike) that House life quality isn't dictated by any outside ranking, but rather by what you make of your House's advantages and how you work to improve your House's disadvantages.

These rankings have changed over the years, and in the spirit of House ranking mobility, here's a look back at our House rankings over the years. Scroll over a House name to see its rankings over the past three years. Click to see the article from that year.

Note: In 2009, the Houses were not ranked 1 through 12, but rather as such: [ AAA > AA > A > BBB > junk > subprime ]. For purposes of this chart, Houses with the same 2009 rank have been grouped in alphabetical order.

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