LaundryView Service Now Available

Are you sick of having to brave the bad weather and long walks to the laundry room, just to find all the machines occupied? In case you are, you may be pleased to know that LaundryView, the laundry service that was being installed last semester, is now available in all Houses and freshman dorms.

The service is an internet application developed and maintained by Mac-Gray Corporation, which allows students to monitor the availability and status of the washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms on computers as well as cell phones. The College started installing this service last semester in order to save time and trouble for students in time periods of heavy machine use. LaundryView's installation, which was intended to help students, has however, proven to be controversial because of the extra 25 cents per load to fund the service. Controversial or not, students might find it useful to save valuable minutes by avoiding the chaos of a hectic laundry room.

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