You can recognize them by the crimson buttons proudly displayed on their chests—parents have been flooding into the yard since early Friday morning. Freshman Parents Weekend is finally here.

Many students may rejoice at the opportunity of spending some time with their parents, from whom they parted two long months ago. But for others, Parents Weekend signals a last minute room cleaning session and a low-key Friday night.

Despite the rich compilation of events designed by the Office of Student Life, it might be hard to choose what to do. Here are five things freshmen and parents should not miss.

1.  It's Getting Cold. In Need of Warm Clothes?

You have just left home and experienced two months of tough Harvard life. Your parents will naturally be inclined to spoil you. Take advantage of it! Winter is coming and no one wants to be caught in Cambridge without a good winter coat and sturdy pair of gloves. Take the T or rent a ZipCar to do some fall shopping.

2. Take a Break from Annenberg

In spite of the tempting welcome banners on Annenberg's entrance, there's really no reason why you should eat there with your parents—they can see the interior in pictures. Take a break from the d-hall menus and try out some restaurants in the Square.

3. Art at Harvard

Take your family to one of the night events offered on Saturday. If you are looking for something fun, the improv show by the Immediate Gratification Players is for you. If your parents are into music, take them to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Concert tonight.

5. We're (Sort Of) a Sports School!

The Class of 2016 Luncheon at the Gordon Indoor Track promises another break from Annenberg, and the football team is currently undefeated, making Saturday's match against Bucknell a must-see.  Who says we don't have school spirit?

After sending your parents off, come back to earth. It's time to study.