According to a recent article in Business Insider, Chanequa N. Campbell was clashing with Harvard administrators long before they knew her as one of two former undergrads with possible links to the Kirkland shooting of 2009.

Campbell told Business Insider that back in 2005, she listed Jay-Z as her role model in a recruiting survey at the Office of Career Services and was told by a counselor there that the rapper was an inappropriate pick who might not be taken seriously by potential employers. She eventually wrote "Shawn Carter" instead and called it a day.

As of 2012, Jay-Z is worth a few hundred million, and Forbes says that's no accident. Also, he's married to Beyoncé. As another wise poet once said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Whatever you want to call Hova, he's definitely a legitimate role model.

Let's forget about the shooting for a minute and disregard all that would transpire between Campbell and Harvard in the years to come. Campbell was absolutely right and whoever it was at OCS who made this call was just plain wrong. May we kindly suggest some (required) reading?

Put your diamonds up, OCS. Can you hear him? Good.