Five Reasons to Participate in 'No Shave November'

Rear Admiral Benjamin Sands and his beard.
Rear Admiral Benjamin Sands and his beard.

It's November, and you know what that means: the abandonment of basic hygiene to raise awareness for turkey inequality (or was it prostate cancer?). That's right, "No Shave November" is here. If you are looking for other reasons why you should ditch your razor and any potential job prospects, look no further - Flyby has got your back with some practical reasons for growing a beard this month.

1. It's cheap.

Think of all the money you'll save on scarves by growing a beard. You'll also save on laundry and new clothes, as no one will expect high-end fashion (or knowledge of how to use detergent) from someone who looks like a character from Castaway.

2. It's a great Thanksgiving icebreaker.

What better way to get a conversation started than with a face full of hair? If you're worried about that awkward conversation with your mother about a lack of grandchildren, just change the subject with a subtle tug on your new facial distraction.

3. Support women's rights.

Women can take part in No Shave November as well. Not only is this a feminist cause, (the right to facial hair), but also it will help with getting that coveted "bearded lady" internship at the circus. But even if Barnum and Bailey isn't hiring, women will benefit from all the other pros to facial hair (see below.).

4. It can hold anything.

Beards are the original murse. There is no limit on how much you can fit it there. Worried about missing Flyby? Just stick some cereal or a hunk of cheese in your beard. It's also a great place to keep your room key. You'll never need a fanny pack again.

5. It makes for a great costume.

If you carry it on over to December, you're already halfway to your Santa uniform. All you need now is a red jacket and a bell and you've got yourself a part-time job at the mall. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, you can keep the beard until springtime and impress everyone with your Moses costume.

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