As we wrap up classes and stress over work for reading period, all the buzz around campus for new ways to procrastinate brings up two words: HBO GO. So rather than writing that paper or finishing that pset, join the trend. Here are Flyby's recommendations for the five must-see shows that HBO GO offers, free of charge.

1. "The Newsroom": From the screenwriter of "The West Wing" and "The Social Network," this fast-paced fictional drama takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to report the news every night. Soon you too will be gushing over Jim and Maggie's awkward attraction, Charlie and Leona's hilarious confrontations, and McKenzie and Will's sharp talk.

2. "Girls": This quirky Emmy-winning dramedy created by and starring Lena Dunham looks at life in the Big Apple among four friends in their stormy twenties. With its raw take on female friendships, you'll soon be having a love-hate relationship with Hannah, wondering why Adam almost always appears shirtless, and realizing that this could actually be your life after college!

3. "VEEP": With Selina Meyer as the female vice-president of the USA, the second Emmy winner of the bunch comes with a whole new set of baggage as she and her staffers tackle issues along the lines of blog nicknames, fake dogs, and jokes without a punch line. After just one 30-minute episode, you'll find yourself wondering if the president will ever call, whether Jonah will get lucky with any girl, and when, if ever, Mike and Dan will get along.

4. "True Blood": Set in the Deep South, this sex-drenched drama centers on the life of the half-fairy, telepathic Sookie Stackhouse and her encounters with centuries-old vampires, hedonist maenads, necromancing witches, and junkie werewolves. Jump in at dinner in the d-hall with references to Eric, Bill, and Sookie’s love triangle, Pam and Lafayette's fierce glamour, and Jason and Alcide's ripped abs.

5. "Boardwalk Empire": Starring Steve Buscemi as the all-powerful Atlantic City gangster "Nucky" during Prohibition, this historical drama delves into the intersecting lives of prostitutes, hit men, bootleggers, and widowed mothers in Chicago, New York, and the "World’s Favorite Playground" (also known as Atlantic City, NJ). Choose your favorites among the gangsters and their mistresses, assassins, rivals, and prohibition officers and let yourself be shocked by all the blood, money, guns, and alcohol.