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Five Shows We're Excited to Watch on HBO GO

As we wrap up classes and stress over work for reading period, all the buzz around campus for new ways to procrastinate brings up two words: HBO GO. So rather than writing that paper or finishing that pset, join the trend. Here are Flyby's recommendations for the five must-see shows that HBO GO offers, free of charge.

Researchers Develop Spongy Gel Scaffold

Spongy gel scaffold technology developed by Harvard researchers could enable cancer-fighting drugs and stem cells to be injected into patients without the need for surgery, according to a recent paper published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

Events Highlights Global Warming Challenge in Maldives

Former president of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed speaks without equivocation in the film “The Island President,” screened at Harvard Law School early Monday evening. Climate change is “the most important fight is the fight for our survival,” he says in the film.

High Times at Houghton

Carl Williams, a self-described specialist in counterculture, reviewed one of the largest collections of items related to sex, drugs, and rock and roll ever assembled in a talk Wednesday evening at Houghton Library.

Modernist Architect John M. Johansen '39 Dies at 96

John M. Johansen ’39, a modernist architect known for being a member of the “Harvard Five,” died Friday of heart failure in Brewster, Mass.

Gawande Discusses Professional Excellence

Recognizing the possibility of failure is a key to excellence in both teaching and medicine, Harvard Medical School professor Atul Gawande said at a lecture at the Graduate School of Education Wednesday.

Frankel Studies Flatworm Regeneration

Coming into college, Angela Frankel ‘14 thought she might become a tissue engineer. But by the summer before her junior year—when she found herself learning how an immortal species of flatworms regenerate their bodies—she realized stem cells were her calling.