You've done it in Widener stacks. You've jumped naked into the Charles. You've even seen both Lady Gaga and John Legend in the course of a week. Or maybe you haven't actually done any of these, but are just looking to do something new.

Luckily, Flyby has you covered. In case you're having a rough week or need a break from studying for your midterms, here are 10 things you can do on campus to cool off during the pre-spring break grind.

10. Go to Brunch at Eliot House. On Sundays, they hire various musicians to play live music in the dining hall—very classy.

9. Get lost north of the Science Center. You'll find the Law School, the Engineering Quad, and the beautiful Divinity School. Extra points if you're an English concentrator who can find your way out of Northwest Labs.

8. Make music in room 014 in the basement of Annenberg, where there's a piano and a drum set. You'll need swipe access, so talk to the Annenberg staff beforehand.

7. Take a trip to New Hampshire, where you can spend the day hiking, climbing, or skiing within a couple hours of Cambridge. If you're looking for company, go to the Harvard Outing Club or the Harvard Mountaineering Club meetings.

6. If you're interested in climbing, you can also do it on campus. Lowell House has a bouldering wall in the sub-basement of A entryway—hard to find, but pretty great once you get there.

5. Also in Lowell is one of the most serene spots on campus: The tower room under the Lowell bells offers both a piano and great views of campus. Check it out.

4. Find Pennypacker, and try not to get lost.

3. Attend Drew Faust's office hours—just make sure you don't occupy too much of her time.

2. Try out a club team, even if you're not sure you want to join permanently. It's always fun to go to a few practices and improve your skills, or to just screw around and burn off some steam.

1. Or if you're looking for extra steam, you can explore Harvard's extensive steam tunnel collection. As many people might not know, there are tunnels connecting the entire campus underground, but most of the entrances are difficult to find. (Nota bene: entering the tunnels is also prohibited.) Good luck.