Winthrop Withdraws From War, Adams Loses Sole Ally


After internal rumblings of poll tampering, Winthrop withdrew today from its alliance with Adams, leaving the Plympton St. residence without allies in its war against Currier, Pfoho, Mather, and Cabot.

As reported by Flyby on Monday, a poll was sent out to Winthrop residents to determine whether the House should ally with Adams. According to Winthrop HoCo Co-Chair Lauren E. Tiedemann '13, 100 Winthrop residents completed the poll and just around 60 percent voted in favor of allying. Winthrop residents, however, expressed doubt about the veracity of the poll result in emails sent over the House list, THROPTALK.

In a message sent to Winthrop at 11:15 a.m. this morning, Tiedemann assured the House that the poll was evaluated fairly, yet nonetheless announced Winthrop's retreat from the war. The email exlained, "This entire war was meant to be an entertaining joke; I feel like many have lost sight of this. Therefore, Winthrop will no longer be at war or allied with any houses."

This certainly is a change of pace, considering that earlier this week Winthrop not only pledged alliance to Adams but also declared war on Lowell House, making demands regarding access to Lowell's infamous back gate.

Tiedemann expressed regret at the way in which the war has been handled. "I wish I had never gotten involved but as HoCo chair I had to. If we hadn't done anything people would complain about how we don't do enough," Tiedemann said.

With this as the latest news, it is clear that the war is getting serious. Stay tuned for updates.

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