InterHouse War of 2012

Winthrop Withdraws From War, Adams Loses Sole Ally

After internal rumblings of poll tampering, Winthrop withdrew today from its alliance with Adams, leaving the Plympton St. residence without allies in its war against Currier, Pfoho, Mather, and Cabot.

Housing War Alliances Entangle: Winthrop Pledges Support for Adams

At 10:35 p.m. Friday night Winthrop HoCo issued an official pledge of support for Adams House, giving Adams its first ally in the Housing War. Adams has been alone in its struggle against Currier House and its allies Cabot, Pforzheimer, and Mather Houses since Tuesday when the Housing War began.

The War of the Houses: A Map

The recent conflict between Currier and Adams has intensified over the past several days to involve Mather, Pfoho, and Cabot—each of which has allied with Currier. Flyby brings you a suggested military strategy for the inevitable climactic battle:

Cabot Confederates with Quad in Currier Conflict

A fifth House has joined the Adams-Currier Conflict: in a signed statement, Cabot House announced its alliance with Currier. In the statement, Cabot asserted that "We, the people of Cabot, will not stand for such injustices and must act to impede this infringement upon our Faust given and unalienable Rights, among these being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Mather Declares War On Adams

At 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, following Adams House's failure to rescind its Declaration against Currier House, Mather House's mysterious leader, know only by the alias "General Mistie," released a formal Declaration of War against Adams House.

War Widens to Winthrop, Lengthens to Lowell

Winthrop House surprised campus today by declaring war on Lowell House. Their first grievance? The lack of swipe access to Lowell's back gate. Despite other House conflicts, this battle is so far limited to the two river Houses, and Winthrop has not stated its position in the on-going Adams-Currier conflict.

Pfoho Issues Travel Advisory To River

Relations continued to deteriorate between the Quad and the River on Wednesday evening as the Pforzheimer Department of Pfublic Safety issued a travel advisory to its residents regarding unnecessary travel to Houses currently in conflict with Currier.

Adams Declares War on Currier

Effective Tuesday for an indefinite period, all members of Currier House—including its students, tutors, and faculty—are banned from the entirety of Adams House.

Mather Joins the Adams-Currier-Pfoho Melée

In a conflict which has expanded in the course of a single day to involve an unprecedented three Houses, a fourth House has now joined the alliance against Adams House. Led by a mysterious individual known only by the alias "General Mistie," Mather House Committee issued a "Decree to Save the Tree" to declare war against Adams if they continue hostilities against Currier House.

Pfoho Clarifies Position in Adams-Currier Kerfuffle

In a not-altogether-unsurprising turn of events, Pforzheimer House announced its position on the recent outbreak of war between Adams and Currier Houses. In the so-called "Mario Doctrine," named after Pforzheimer Building Manager and "Secretary of Depfense" Mario Leon and modeled on the Monroe Doctrine, Pforzheimer residents outlined that they "will not tolerate expansionist efforts from any River House."

BREAKING: Adams Declares War on Currier

A state of war exists between the Quad and the River. Last night, in response to a sabotage of the Adams House mascot poll by students in Currier House, Adams House suspended its poll and declared war on Currier.

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