Winthrop Town Hall

Winthrop House affiliates gather for a town hall on faculty dean search in the Winthrop Junior Common Room on Wednesday.

Ten Stories That Shaped 2019

Beginning with a dean's decision to represent Harvey Weinstein and ending with a graduate student strike, 2019 was an eventful year at Harvard. Students pushed for change via protests, whether they called for an ethnic studies program or for divestment. Outside news touched campus, too, as University affiliates examined Harvard's relationship to Jeffrey Epstein. Here, The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined the past twelve months on campus.

Winthrop Faculty Dean's House

The Winthrop House Faculty deans reside in a house on Memorial Drive.

Former Winthrop Dean Sullivan Failed to File Tax Returns for Nearly a Decade, Judge Finds

The United States Tax Court found that former Winthrop House Faculty Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. failed to file income tax returns from 2005 through 2013 and failed to pay the Internal Revenue Service more than $1 million in an opinion released Tuesday.

Former Winthrop Dean Sullivan Criticizes Admins During Constitutional Law Society Event

Former Winthrop House Faculty Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. accused Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay of repeatedly lying about their reasons for dismissing him last semester at an event held Friday.

Winthrop Residents Say House Culture Has Improved After Ron Sullivan’s Dismissal

Winthrop House residents say the House’s atmosphere has improved this semester after the departure of former Faculty Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., who attracted controversy for his decision to represent Harvey Weinstein in court.

Gearan, Herlihy-Gearan to Serve as Interim Winthrop Faculty Deans

Institute of Politics Director Mark D. Gearan ’78 and Mary Herlihy-Gearan will serve as interim faculty deans of Winthrop House through the upcoming school year, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana announced in an email to Winthrop residents Friday.

Sullivan Criticizes Harvard, Higher Education in Op-Ed

Ousted Winthrop Faculty Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. criticized Harvard’s decision to dismiss him and co-Faculty Dean Stephanie R. Robinson in an op-ed published in the New York Times Monday.

One-Fifth of Winthrop Seniors Opt Out of Receiving Diplomas From Sullivan, Robinson

Law School Professor Intisar A. Rabb delivered those students' diplomas instead of Sullivan and Robinson, who have been the target of criticism for months following Sullivan’s announcement in January that he would represent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein as Weinstein faces criminal charges for rape and sexual assault.

Corporation Supports Decisions to Not Renew Sullivan, Sanction Dominguez

Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow William F. Lee ’72 said the Corporation was briefed on and supports Harvard administrators’ recent decisions to relieve Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. of his Winthrop House faculty deanship and to sanction former professor Jorge I. Dominguez.

Mass. Criminal Defense Lawyers Release Statement Condemning Harvard’s Decision Not to Renew Winthrop Faculty Deans

The statement comes two days after Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana announced his decision in an email to Winthrop House residents Saturday. Since Sullivan first announced his decision to join Weinstein’s legal team — which he left Friday — students have called for the College to remove him from his faculty dean position through rallies, sit-ins, and open letters.

Khurana in Winthrop

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana speaks to students in Winthrop dining hall about the recent decision not to renew the house's Faculty Deans Ronald S. Sullivan and Stephanie R. Robinson.

Winthrop Dean Sullivan to Leave Weinstein’s Legal Team

Winthrop Faculty Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. told a Manhattan judge Friday he will no longer represent Harvey Weinstein in his Manhattan sex abuse trial, according to a spokesperson for Weinstein.

Sullivan Leaves Weinstein Legal Team

The day before Harvard announced Saturday it would not be renewing Winthrop Faculty Deans Ronald S. Sullivan and Stephanie R. Robinson after this school year, Sullivan told a Manhattan judge he would no longer be representing alleged sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein.

Winthrop Sit-In 2

Nearly 200 undergraduates wearing red sat in the Winthrop House dining hall Friday to call for administrative action months after Winthrop Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. announced his decision to represent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

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