Hey prefrosh, this one's for you. You're obviously smart enough to get into Harvard, but are you smooth enough to pass as a current student? Here are some key terms to help you sound like a true Harvardian during Visitas. Study the words and phrases below before you get to campus and no one will ever know you're a prefrosh.

Anns (Annz): The freshman dining hall (short for Annenberg).

The Crab: The most poorly named, yet exclusive finals club on campus.

The Facebook: It's not just Facebook here. Note our tribute to Zuckerberg's original concept.

"I'm getting a Froyo to go-yo 'cause yolo": What students say when they get a frozen yogurt to go from the dining halls.

The Rad: The Radcliffe Quadrangle. Really far away, prefrosh probably won't end up there.

Owl me: What students say instead of "text me". We're pretty big Harry Potter fans here.

Ochios: The late-night pizza stop, whose official name is Pinocchio's.

Roach Row: The nickname for the upperclassmen Houses that border the Charles River, named so because of the high number of roaches.

Swipies: The Harvard IDs we use to swipe into buildings.

Wagons: An endearing name for our shuttle system, which has routes running all over campus from Anns to the Rad to Roach Row.