Visitas Weekend gave admitted students of the Class of 2023 the chance to experience Harvard life. The students have to commit by a May 1 deadline.

The Guide to Visitas is here!!

Check out Flyby's first-ever Guide to Visitas! Learn more about Harvard, get insider Visitas tips from our writers, and get Visitas advice from administrators, faculty, and staff!

Guide to Visitas

Flyby Blog is proud to present the first annual Guide to Visitas. Prefrosh can check out this guide to find out everything they need to know about Visitas weekend.

Following Harvard Acceptance, Students and Families ‘Overcome With Emotion’

High school seniors across the country waited in anticipation for admissions results Thursday night. The Class of 2023 had a record-low acceptance rate of 4.5 percent, with just 1,950 of the 43,330 applicants receiving acceptances.

Students Hold 24-Hour Protest Against Solitary Confinement

During each hour of the “7x9” protest, a volunteer sat inside a 7-foot by 9-foot box made of tape, providing a visual representation of the small area allotted to prisoners placed in solitary confinement.

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