This weekend our campus will be invaded by swarms of disoriented high school students trying to pass off as 21 as they wander endlessly in search of Annenberg. But prospective students aren't the only ones who can lie about their identity this weekend. Current students can, too! Here are some tips to help you infiltrate the world of prefrosh (and perhaps retaliate) during their short stay.

1. Get Lost: Constantly ask other students and even tourists for directions. Ask about places that don't exist, like, "Do you know where Robertson Hall is?" Always make sure your campus map is in plain view. To confuse prefrosh, get a map of Yale; then when a prefrosh asks you where the Quad is, you can send them to New Haven.

2. Carry a Red Folder: Everyone will have one, and you will look out of place if you don't. But instead of having a Crimson colored folder, have a Cardinal colored one and fill it with pictures of Drew Faust and random baby animals.

3. Share Your Test Results: Talking about SAT and AP scores is pretty contagious among prefrosh. Find a way to drop it into every conversation:

"Hey are you going to Eleganza tonight?"

“Nope, but I got a perfect score on the math section of my SATs!"

If you want to throw prefrosh off a little, brag about horrible scores or pretend you forgot to take the SATs.

4. Introduce Yourself: Go up to random kids and tell them your name and then immediately add them on Facebook. Ask them where they're from and what they're thinking about majoring in. When they ask you the same, tell them that you are actually a BU prefrosh, and that you are just getting a head start on prowling for a husband or wife.

5. Reference the Social Network: Constantly point out things you remember seeing in the movie. For example: Bartley's Burgers, Kirkland House, or the Boat House. To add a layer of confusion, point out things that were obviously not in the movie.

"I remember this construction site from the second scene” or "Isn't this the salon where Zuckerberg does the ‘Bend and Snap’?

6. Talk Like a Harvard Student:

If you do this you'll definitely come across as the coolest prefrosh around. Tell prefrosh you ended up sleeping at the Rad last night (yeah, the Crab ended up being SO know what I mean...) and that you can totally help people navigate the wagon routes.