O Summer Housing, Where Art Thou?

Sticking around Cambridge post-May, and need a place to stay? Check out these local summer housing options.

Lesley University

Located just past the quad, Lesley University offers singles and doubles to non-Lesley affiliates, but applicants must call prior to submitting applications.

RATES: $41 to $68 per night, depending on whether the room is a single or double, and whether it has air conditioning. That comes to a total of $2870–$4760 for a 10-week stay.

COMMUTE FROM HARVARD: Walk, or take the Red Line one stop to Porter Square.

MIT Fraternity Houses

The boys of MIT Greek life will evacuate for summer, but their houses are available for occupancy. Options range from singles to quads, and many residences boast access to kitchens and common rooms as well as laundry and free Internet access.

RATES: $1,200-2,200 for the summer. (Bargain Alert!)

COMMUTE FROM HARVARD: The houses are located in a variety of neighborhoods spanning the Boston and Cambridge area.

Dewolfe Housing

Students can complete the online application for a last-ditch shot at living on campus this summer. Though the Office of Student Life began contacting applicants to fill Dewolfe on April 6, they will continue to offer rooms on a rolling basis until they reach full capacity.

RATES: $1,512-4,699, depending on number of occupants per apartment.


Internet Listings

Those interested in a more private housing experience can of course browse listings of online databases such as Craiglist and Sublet.com. In addition, Harvard University Housing maintains a list of available off-campus short-term housing that includes descriptions of properties, their monthly rental prices, and their distance in blocks from the Harvard from campus. Rates and commutes vary.

Happy house hunting!

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