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Smart Girls at the Party

In the soundbite age, it’s rare to encounter such honesty, particularly from our public figures. When politicians misstep, they issue formulaic apologies. When celebrities give interviews, they offer canned, publicist-penned answers. Reality television is immensely popular, but there’s no sign of “reality” within them.

Gossip Girl: The Musical

If “Smash” wants to be the best version of this particular vision for the show (like, for example, the first season of “Gossip Girl,” its obvious peak), there are a few clear moves it can make.


When HBO announced last week that it would not renew “Enlightened” for a third season, television viewers everywhere wondered: What is “Enlightened”? The show had a small fan base, to the say the least, but we true devotees aren’t quite ready to say goodbye.

TV In The Age Of Netflix

The February debut of Netflix series “House of Cards” has critics in a frenzy—but not over anything that actually happens on the show. The topic of discussion is instead its method of distribution. The company released all 13 of the series’ episodes on the same day, making it in some ways resemble a long movie more than a traditional television show..

The Body Politics of HBO's Girls

Amid controversy over how the unconventionally attractive Hannah could possibly snag such a nice-looking man, I’d like to say the following: Thank you, Lena Dunham.

Need to Focus? Try These Tools

Reading period is fast approaching, and many Harvard students are wondering just how they’ll tackle the stacks of books beside their beds. With no time to spare, they’ll stare them down each morning, and then peruse the Internet for videos of babies eating watermelon. Don't be one of those students. Before you spend another 20 hours watching season two of whatever show you’re watching this week on Netflix, check out these free Internet tools designed to help you focus during the weeks ahead.

Five Questions with Matthew R. Vines

This past week, the Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship hosted a screening and discussion entitled “Why the Bible Doesn’t Condemn Homosexuality.” FM sat down with Vines to discuss his research, his findings, and his vision.