Let the fangirl screaming begin. According to the National Enquirer, actor Robert Pattinson is considering enrolling in business school—and Harvard Business School has reportedly made his short list.

The National Enquirer reported last month that Pattinson may be looking to develop his business skills in the post-Twilight phase of his career in order to ultimately move into the production side of film. In addition to HBS, he is reportedly considering UCLA, the Stern School of Business at NYU, and the Wharton School at Penn.

While Pattinson would not be the first celebrity to take a break from life in the public eye to return to school at Harvard—cough cough, Tyra Banks—Gossip Cop has rushed to discredit the possibility that R-Pattz will be following in the footsteps of Banks. Apparently, Pattinson has enough movie roles lined up for 2013 that attending business school, even during his downtime, would prove difficult for the star.

True, HBS could provide a welcome hideaway from a life in which stepping into an airport without Kristen Stewart means endless rumors of everything from either a breakup to an engagement—or both. Though Banks was initially hesitant to live in the dorms during her time at HBS, she later said that living on campus brought her closer to her classmates.

But there's one thing that everyone seems to be forgetting: R-Pattz, no matter how brooding and pensive, never attended college. Considering that HBS requires a bachelor's degree for admission, it looks like the heartthrob may have to stick to playing brooding antiheros.

A rumor like this will likely go the way of Pattinson's vampire teeth and modeling career. But on the off chance that it somehow proves true, we at Flyby predict that the Harvard Hoochies may have some competition when it comes to would-be husband hunters knocking at Harvard's gates.