Hey, Atlantic! Here Are The Real Reasons We Take ER 18

A toy lion in the window of a store in Boston's Chinatown.
A toy lion in the window of a store in Boston's Chinatown.

Yesterday, The Atlantic published an article asking what the draw was for students taking Ethical Reasoning 18: "Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory." Here are some things they didn’t think of:

It’s easy!

Last year, ER 18 managed to score a mere 1.58 on the Q Guide’s workload rating, and many comments mentioned that it was low stress. The syllabus says the course discusses how the Chinese “wrestled” with moral and ethical issues, but really, the only things you’ll be wrestling with are your alarms before the 10 a.m. lectures.

Who knows, it just might change your life.

With a promise like that from Puett (as quoted in The Atlantic), it’s no surprise so many students decide to take the class. Fewer and fewer of them may be showing up to lecture, but perhaps it is helping them cultivate an inner sense of zen... at least, until section rolls around and they haven’t done any of the readings.


After studying some oracle bones, we’ve discovered that Puett is a pretty cool guy. An enthusiastic lecturer and knowledgeable professor, he seems like the perfect person to take a Gen Ed class with.

Really, it’s easy.

After all, when was the last time you got enough sleep?

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