If you’ve read Dean Pfister’s latest email masterpiece, then you know about the recent launch a #HarvardinAutumn social media campaign. But if you’re not a fan of fall foliage, or if the only fall foliage you’ve seen here is a single red leaf that blew in through a window in Lamont, you might be looking for another way to express your school pride on Twitter.

Flyby has imagined some other #hashtags that might be useful for Harvard students, and the tweets that could accompany them:

@pfohopfolyf: Curled up on a couch in Mass Hall. Hopefully Drew Faust doesn’t come in. It’s just so… close to everything. #Quadded

@cuteincurrier: Thinking about transferring to Lesley College. It’d be closer to my dorm. #Quadded

@55forever: Partying… in Lamont. Up all night doing… proofs. Chugging… crappy Lamont café coffee. #HarvardNightlife

@Harvardfroshguy: Spent a whole two minutes in The Owl! Got kicked out after bouncer realized that despite androgynous haircut, am not a girl. #HarvardNightlife

@pfangirl: I loved seeing “Pops Gets a Clue.” Almost as much as I loved reading your lovely e-mail, Donald. #PfansOfPfister

@diggingthedean: Just reserved a spot on your tree tour! Botany has never been so attractive. #PfansofPfister

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