We may have to go back to school on Monday (while both Yale and Boston Public Schools get the day off—boo you, Harvard), but luckily this weekend allowed us two and a half days of fun in the snow before the inevitably unenjoyable Monday morning trudge.

Flyby hereby invites you to take a few minutes to relive the good times of Blizzard Nemo in its pre-slush phase. Enjoy!

For starters, we asked Harvard students to send us their snowstorm snapshots via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #flybysnow, and we got some great submissions.

You can find the #flybysnow gallery here. (*An asterisk next to the photographer's name indicates that he or she is an inactive Crimson editor.)

Some of you sent us videos and images that were far too hot for Twitter or Instagram to handle. Crimson Staff Writer Armaghan N. Behlum '15 shared his 360-degree photospheres of Quincy House Courtyard and Tercentenary Theater, and others sent videos of friends sledding down Widener Steps.

Crimson Staff Writer C.C. Gong '15 reported that John T. Hoffer '16 and Jack F. Weyen '16 spent three hours constructing an igloo in front of Canaday on Saturday, then dragged a futon and some pillows in. They planned to have a party in the igloo, which could fit about a dozen people.

We at Flyby spotted the ever-adorable Dean Thomas A. Dingman '67 swiping students into lunch in Annenberg on Saturday. We're glad he was able to lend a hand to the tireless HUDS workers who, along with FMO staff, have been working since Friday morning to keep us fed and clear the snow. They're the true heroes of this blizzard-y weekend, and Harvard students know it.