Let's be real, this is the most snow we're going to have for a while. So ditch your real to do list, bundle up, and head outside. We at Flyby have created your Snow Day itinerary.

1. Sled down Widener Steps. We just might have enough snow that the steps will have turned into a perfect hill for sledding—almost as if we have a real hill here at Harvard. Side note: this is probably a bad idea. Be careful and, whatever you do, don't try and stop yourself halfway down…

2. Sled down the ramp outside the Carpenter Center. Almost definitely off-limits, but oh-so-fun, and relatively safe at that.

3. If you're stranded in the quad, try sledding down the small hills outside Cabot d-hall. You, too, will come to the sad realization that it turns out we have a pretty flat campus.

4. Trek off campus to Fresh Pond or Danehy Park in Cambridge, or head to Corey Hill Outlook in Brookline (admittedly a long haul on a day like today). Worth it, we promise.

5. Get creative right here at home. Check out the seam tunnels. Really—there's no better day than today to explore the underground world of Harvard. We don't know where the entrances are, but if you do get in (and avoid the police chasing you), you'll be the warmest student on campus.

6. Primal scream. Do it.

7. Whatever you do, we want to see it. Don't forget to tweet and Instagram your adventures using the hashtag #flybysnow!