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UPDATED: May 1, at 2:48 p.m.

No rest for the weary! While their petition for a nap space in Harvard Yard awaits approval from the administration, the Nap Space Project has launched a Nap Map with recommendations of current siesta sites for sleepy students around campus. Here are some of our favorite picks from their Map.

Nap Room in Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School: The only space on the list actually intended for sleeping, the "nap room" hides deep inside the law school library. Located past the west end of the reading room on the fourth floor of Langdell Hall, the room of oversized beanbag chairs welcomes students inclined to recline. If Elle Woods didn't know about this space, she was, like, totally missing out on some seriously awesome beauty rest.

Memorial Hall Basement: HUDS roast turkey have you feeling heavy-eyed after dinner in Annenberg? Bus your tray and head on down to Loker Commons in the basement of Mem Hall. If the classrooms are occupied, the Nap Map proposes laying your weary head down on one of the many tables lining the hallway outside the Queen's Head Pub—not the most comfortable arrangement perhaps. Instead, you may want to consider trekking back to your own room for a more satisfying slumber.

Cabot Science Library: Need a rest between lectures in the Science Center? The Nap Space Project suggests curling up on one of the small, single-person sofas in the Cabot Science Library. In the likely scenario that the couches are occupied, it may be best to skip the snooze and opt for a coffee from the Greenhouse Café, instead. Finishing that p-set now means more real sleep later!

The Yard: The Nap Space Project urges you to embrace the springtime weather—lean back in a multicolored chair, lie down in the grass, or nod off beneath a tree. If you want to multitask, the Yard is your best bet. You can tan and get your daily dose of fresh air while you nap. However, be warned that you will likely become the subject of hundreds of tourists' photos.

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