Someone is Studying the Harvard Square Turkey

PSA: That turkey you sometimes awkwardly walked behind on your way to class is being featured in an anthropology project. Yep that’s right, Max B. Schaffer ‘17 is conducting ethnographic research on the turkey that’s been frequenting the streets of Harvard Square and the Yard.

As an assignment for Anthropology 1610: Ethnographic Research Methods, Schaffer had to complete a “Day in the Life” of a person or place, and he naturally gravitated towards the turkey that was often situated in front of the Dunster Inn, where he currently lives. In order to track down the turkey’s location, he enlisted the help of the Dunster House email list.

If you are anything like Max and decide that turkey watching for over six hours is your calling, fear not. We have tirelessly worked to compile a full Harvard Square turkey log, detailed with a play-by-play of some of the nameless turkey’s favorite destination spots and why it was outside the Delphic at 9:24 a.m.

October 1st, 2014

9:22 a.m.: “running free” across Mass Ave towards the Harvard Book Store
31 hours early for B.J. Novak’s book signing

9:24 a.m.: outside the Delphic
Waiting for punch event to start

10:00 a.m.: outside of Dudley House
The reason Dudley always wins IMs

10:57 a.m.: fellow Dunsterite wonders  “if non-human species have gender.”
But where’s the turkey?

11:02 a.m.: spotted in front of the Wiglet
Scavenging for freshmen

12:07 p.m.: waiting at the door of the BSC
Needs to learn about those time management skills

2:11 p.m.: side of Lamont Library
Taking a break from studying for that Ec1010 midterm

2:15 p.m.: Barker Center garden
Enjoying the foliage

6:50 p.m.: Dunsterites debate about whether there is more than one turkey
Two turkeys? A family? Will we ever know the truth?

Schaffer never gave up on his #turkeywatch, even when the going got tough. Schaffer recalled, “at one point, it was up on this ledge and I was standing directly in front of it, and it made this big noise and flew directly at me.” He continued to follow the turkey without hesitation. We give you an A+, Mr. Schaffer.

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