The year is almost over, and if you are anything like me, your TF still thinks that your name is Rachel. You need to start making a good impression, and you need to do it quickly—before participation grades are due. The first step, you might assume, is to legally change your name, and it probably is, but if you’re concerned about making all of your monogrammed apparel useless, I’ve got some other solutions.

Skip Section

It might seem counter-intuitive, but some TFs only like what they can’t have. Stop showing up, and your TFs will think twice about taking you for granted.

Email Them

Change your Gmail settings to include an automatic signature with your name, your degree, and a fun fact from your resume (your proficiency in Microsoft Word, perhaps?). Then forward your TF all your emails. He will be impressed by your professionalism and pubbing skills.

Work in Advance

Don’t ask for an extension at the last minute; ask for it now. Show that you had the foresight to plan ahead for that “ vague family emergency” two weeks from now that will prevent you from turning in your final paper on time. Plus, this will give you an excuse to email your TF and remind him who you are.

Feed Your TF

Just like people, TFs need to eat to survive. So bribe them with food. Invite them to faculty dinner, or bring them an apple in section. Even better—provide homemade baked goods for the entire class. They’ll be so impressed by your generosity and culinary skills.

Talk Loudly

The best way to prove that you have been participating all semester is to talk constantly during the last section. What you say doesn’t have to be relevant; it just has to be loud. Have a megaphone? Consider bringing it along.