A Scorecard For Ranking Harvard's Most Impressive Students

By Keren E. Rohe

Facebook is blowing up. Business Insider has released a list of 19 Incredibly Impressive Students At Harvard. These students are killing it at life. (We’re sure, reader, that you would have been on the list, too, if they’d just been able to find your e-mail more easily.)

Obviously they all are “incredibly impressive.” But which one is the most incredibly impressive? We’ve created an incredibly impressive metric that we believe will accurately and scientifically rank the incredibly impressive. Have at it:

Class year:
+1: Class of 2016
+2: Class of 2017
+3: Class of 2018
+1,000: Class of 2019

Age they became inspired to pursue their passion:
+5: 0-6 years old
+3: 7-12 years old
+1: 13-20 years old

+3: Art
+3: Classical music
+3: Changing the world
+2: Innovation
+2: Graduate school/joint-degrees
+2: Sports
+2: Comedy

+4: Siblings
+3: Dating
+2: Works alone

Add one point for any of these words as they come up in their biography:
conceptualized, cancer, cure, children, technology, invented, $, start-up, company, launched, million, website, leader, self-taught, placed first, Google, Obama, overcame

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